NAAFA Chairman Jason Docherty passed away at age 46 of conditions related to Cardiovascular disease due to his continued obesity and living habits which resulted in complication with pneumonia.[3]



~health at every size~

Note: its not “fat shaming” to point out that obese people are highly likely to die young because obesity is an unhealthy condition….


Story goes a cop responded to a robbery and saw Michael Brown walking and matching the description exactly. The cop claims after he stopped and took the guy into his car he struggled and reached for his gun and shot him. Others give different accounts from the cop just executed him for no reason to he tried to drag him through the driver seat window lel.

If only people had waited for the facts to come out and let the investigation happen instead of freak the fuck out and “demand justice or no peace” thus halting any investigation while people rioted and looted for 4 days resulting in a death, a drive by, over a dozen looted stores, burned cars and a store and shootings all over lmao.

Every single person that defended this guy, and the looters and protesters and every single idiot that supported this shit shit on facebook and twitter, each and every single one of you are fucking morons.

There are much better things to be concerned about and protest and give world attention to.

From the look of things and the police report, its looking like Michael Brown was indeed the guy in the footage and might have actually tried to take the gun off the got and got shot. Investigation is still on going.

Anyway here is the police report

And the video

Some excuses on twitter and shit trying to run MAXIMUM damage control (and failing)

>thats not him
>who cares it was just some cheap shit
>doesnt look like a robbery to me
>I dont believe its him and you cant change my mind
>faked by police after the fact

Needless to say all the leftist media and mentally ill SJW liberals are mad as fuck.

Butt status #REKT

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